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My first flash

2007-11-10 07:45:36 by RodentPrincessSakura

Well, I submitted my first flash that I've ever done. I probably shouldn't have, since it was pretty crappy, but I didn't want to make an account to post it on youtube for the flash guild on Gaiaonline. So this is the easiest way for the guild to view my work. I'm not really that happy with it, since I'm certain that my drawing skills are not up to par (I'm having trouble drawing strange angles, but practice with take care of that! ^_^ )

What makes me the happiest, though, is the positive reviews that I got so far about it. They pretty much all say the same thing, which is why the flash sucks, but they also tell me that there is a lot of potential behind my work. Maybe there is something here.

Oh yea, another picture! ^_^

My first flash


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