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Well, I'm bored and I haven't written in this for a while, so yea!

I've decided that my life is pretty comical, but I have no ability to repeat it to people. Most of my comedy stems from my roommate and her struggle to understand my logic (which is none). To compensate for my eccentricities, she has to become over logical, and it's hilarious. We've developed a saying, though, that starts to talk about that. It's "Stop holding the Giraffe" and we got it off of a joke. This is the joke: How many surrealists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Two: One to hold the giraffe and the other to fill the bathtub with brightly colored hand-tools. It's hilarious.

Well, since nine o'clock this morning, the temperature has only risen by one degree, which sucks. It's the end of April and it's only 39 degree F outside. It's not fair.

Oh yea, I work as a telemarketer now! I call people and they tell me how ashamed I should be calling them on a Saturday or Sunday! I mean, it's for a good cause - fund raising for the families of police officers - but they don't want to donate. That sucks because I get graded on how many sales I make. Whatever, I'm gonna find a new job though, since that job kind of sucks since I work twelve hours a day at it. Can't wait until I get out of college, eh comrades of educational monetary pitfalls! Here Here!

My mother found a picture of my when I was a little baby of about two years old. It's very funny. I look so pissed off in it, but I was actually content. It turns out that my parents nicked-named me "Smiley" because of my facial features. In fact, I still look like that. People are always asking me "are you ok?" and I'm like "yea, in fact, I just won the lottery." That's a complete dramatization. If I won the lottery, I would be playing on a flash program right now trying to animate. ^_^ Well, my mother used to try to rock me to sleep at night but it wouldn't work. I would just lay there, staring up at her until she put me in my crib and left the room feeling guilty. I would just be laying there, in the dark, alone, just chilling and making her feel guilty about leaving her baby alone and awake in a dark room - alone. Mom is still traumatized about it, I think.

I think I figured one of my most favorite hobbies on the internet - talking with people to see how much strange behavior and conversation they will put up with. ^_^


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